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Netherlands – Fox-case

An international child recovery from The Netherlands to The United States.

Dear all,

I write this acknowledgement at your request. I am happy to do it, although I’m doing it with tears in my eyes. What my ex-partner did to me and my daughter was horrible. Moreover, what should have been a piece of cake, in my opinion, ended up being a bitter fight on Dutch soil. I write “a piece of cake” because my daughter had, after all, been abducted to the Netherlands, the land of the Hague Abduction Convention !!! Well, I found out the hard way that didn’t guarantee anything. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Without you and the good people (of the Dutch authorities) you worked together with, my daughter would have never gotten back to the U.S. For you it was a difficult case too, I realised that very well. I therefore thank you for all your perseverance.

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