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Mexico – Avila-case

A mutual agreement concerning a child ( Mexico <> United States of America ).

To the IECC,

Mr. Hoogkamer, let your team know their efforts and results, on this case, were far superior and beyond what any law enforcement, district attorney’s, police, CA’s and all who has interest on this case could achieve. You and Dr. Luis were right, the enormous pressure ( breaking down the wall bit by bit ), was a big factor in my case, as well as Lic. MaVi fighting like a lioness. Thanks Lic. MaVi, Lic. Rodrigo go getting, Dr. Luis great speeches. Last but not least, you again Mr. Hoogkamer, I like how you drive your team with great discipline, great job!

I thank you all !

James Mark AVILA
( James Mark Mechanical )
Fresno, CA, USA

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