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Colombia – Pioch-case

An international recovery from Colombia to Germany.

Dear all,

‎Thank you all for recovering Valentina !!!

For almost 2 years Valentina couldn’t see me ( her father ) and her grandparents, but fortunately yesterday this changed !
Valentina was very happy, jumped into my arms, but at the same time was very tired too, because of the Jetlag.
In the next days she will calm down, and I will give her all the time she needs to get used to this new situation.
‎As you can see on the pictures Valentina is really very happy, and this reassures me that everything will turn out ok.
Thank you all very, very, very, much, especially Mr. Hoogkamer, Dra. Iris, Dr. Luis and the German Police Officer Mr. Mayor Götz from the German Consulate / BKA in Bogotá.

I want to thank the entire team of IECC so much! I am in tears of happiness while writing this,

David Pioch


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